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I have done a search and tried what has been discussed...

My Mother has network access through Comcast - I can get into the router and when connected to the router and the computer I can access the computer...but when not connected with a wire - when I click on her network name - it asks for a password and she does not remember what it is - how do I find that? Thank You so much!!
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  1. Need to look at the literature which came with the router or download it from the router maker's website.

    In section on setting up see how to access the setup screens via your browser (either on your Mum's computer or on yours with an ethernet cable into the router).

    In Wireless Security screens review or renew security type and the passphrase. Use your wireless router's (or Windows' networking) wireless scan, identify and select router and set security type and passphrase to wireless adapter.
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