Problem with my ssd

Hi all.

I have a ocz agigilty 3 120gb sata 3 ssd and a standard 1tb hhd aswell. Now I was using this on my asus p67 board, installed windows and then once all installed i attached the 1tb all was working well and booting extremely quickly ect.

Now my problem is i have recently changed my motherboard to a gigabyte ga-z68xp-ud4 and i have cleared my ssd and reinstalled windows on it. Once windows was installed i have then attached my 1tb drive. When windows boots it takes about 15-20 second to load in to windows it self from the welcome screen. This used to take about 2-3 seconds. I cannot figure out for the life of me what is going on. I have tried changing settings in the motherboard but to no avail.

Any ideas please.


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  1. You did set the controller to ahci in Bios??

    First download and install AS SSD. Do Not need to run the benchmark program. I would guess that partition alignment shows up correct (OK). Look at (1) firmware version, I think the Agility III is upto -15. Then look at driver. For the Z68 plateform this should be iaSTor. If msahci, you should download and install the latest Intel RST driver - not a biggy as not your problem, but iaSTor performs better than msahci (default windows driver). If it shows pcide- BAD), need to swich it to msahci, then install the Intel driver.

    As SSD:
  2. Hi there thanks for your reply.

    I have downloaded the latest intel driver and now it shows as iaSTor.

    My firmware on the ssd is 2.13 and there is a new firmware release of 2.15

    Now after installing the driver there is still no difference in boot up time so would changing to firmware 2.15 going to be worth it and what would be the best way to go about it?


  3. Managed to update firmware on the drive to 2.15 but still not performance increase to what it was like before?
  4. Been between work and home, would have told yo Firmware would not make much difference.
    Just a couple of comments.
    I have 2 agillity IIs (w/FW 2.13) I also Have 2 Curicial 128 gig M4s. The agility IIIs are not a high performance SSD - In fact I just replaced mine with a 128 gig Samsung 830.
    Boot time, excluding Post: Your first time (2->3 Sec) was exceptionaly fast. The agillity III - 14 Sec, replaced with 830 - 12 Sec, The M4's are in a laptop and take - 17 Sec. Times are give/take a second, and are from "start loading OS untill the little circle stops spining. Times will vary basted on start up apps that must load.

    If only windows 7 was installed + updates + drivers then 20 Sec is on the High side. 15 -> 20 Sec is adout right for Windows plus avg program loads (Office, IE, Photo editing program + a few others)
  5. Hi there.

    Thanks for your reply.

    The software has not changed neither has updates ect... its only since i went to the z68 board and i use the same software as previously


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