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hey everyone,

I have a NVIDIA 9500GS that came out of a friends HP desktop. When I install it into my pc, I just bought an Asus CG5270, and connect it to the monitor via DVI, my monitor just goes into power save mode and nothing shows on the screen. I then plug the monitor back into the integrated card and same issue. I have to remove the 9500GS in order for the integrated card to function properly. I have tried to disable the integrated card then install the 9500GS but same issue.. Any suggestions? Thanks
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  1. Sounds like your power supply can't handle the extra load.
  2. that is what I thought also but my power supply is 400W and the 9500GS only requires 300W.. very peculiar issue..
  3. did u connect the monitor to your card and not to the onboard?
  4. thanks for the replies! Well I got it from my friends pc because he bought a new one and gave me the 9500GS for free so it beats an integrated card all day.. yes, I did connect the monitor to the card and not to the onboard.. I havent download any drivers for it as I assumed that once I installed it, the computer would locate the drivers and install at that point..and no, I didn't yet contact any of the manufacturers for tech help because I spoke to a tech at a comp repair store and they suggested a few things and said that they dont see why there should be an issue..
  5. yea my exact thoughts..just peculiar.. I think I may just buy a new graphics card to see if it works with no problems..
  6. well i figured if i'm going to go get a new card that I might as well get something that will satisfy me needs. I'm not a HUGE gamer but I do game here and there so I was thinking of getting the GTX260 or 275 with a new PSU, maybe the PC Power&Cooling 750W.. if you have any suggestions that would be great! my specs are:
    C2Q Q8300 2.5GHz
    8GB DDR2 ram
    Running Windows 7 64bit

  7. If you don't game a lot a GTX 260 or 275 isn't going to do much.
    Maybe you should try the 9500GS again but install the drivers off nVidia this time.
  8. I will do some research on the ATI card as I have never used them. I will certainly take it into consideration though..Thanks!!

    I might just try to reinstall the car..For the installation of the drivers, should i install them before I install the card? I don't see how I would be able to install them after the installation of the card as I dont have a display?? Thanks..
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