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Corsair's PSU's- Will it be in stock?

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March 30, 2010 3:47:45 AM

Hey I have been looking up psu's for quite some time now, and I have got it narrowed down to Corsair. I am sure of it from tons of recommendations all the way to several websites doing tests and them always above its certifactionl even in torture tests.

I have my eye on the HX850 but the only problem is that it is never in stock and is the ideal setup for my computer. Which will be tons of fans, a couple of hds and sdds,
3 way CFX(I wont buy all at the same time), and finaly an am3 board w/ a 955.

I have three others that I would consider if I was not able to get the HX850. First the HX 1000 is good but its extra length would work in my case I would just lose a fan and worst of all its atleast 50 bucks for wattage I wouldn't need.
2nd is the TX950, which is made just like the HX850 and got just as good results on testing for the most part. The only problem with it is its not modular. It wouldn't have the great cables that come with the HX series. The cables are not threaded all the way to the end and arn't the flat black look which in my book are the best looking cables. The only thing good about them being fully hooked up is that I wouldnt have any connection problems. Last it is slightly cheaper than the HX850 and always in stock.
3rd is the HX 750. The real reason I just don't jump on it is because it only has 4 pcie connectors, which would not be enuff for for 3 way. I thought about just getting it and when I get the third card I could get a dedicated psu. But that just seems kinda of dumb when I could just the TX950 for the same price and be set for 5 years.

This is where I am at with choosing my PSU. I love the HX series and really want the HX850 for several reasons it being the perfect size, price, power, cables, and has the perfect warranty. The others have one or two things missing that the 850 has.

If you can give me some help with any info I would appreciate it, I just can never find one that is in stock so when I go to buy I don't want to sit around for more than a week or two waiting on it, so I am doind this kinda of like plan b. Plan B would be what would I do if the super cool HX850 is not available, what psu could I get instead.
Bata Bing. :) 

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a c 248 ) Power supply
March 30, 2010 4:22:29 AM

I checked a few sources. The HX850 is expected to be available in about four to six weeks. ETA at one site was May 4th.

I was at a Fry's Electronics store yesterday. Hardly any Corsair power supplies on the shelves.
March 30, 2010 4:38:39 AM

JohnnyLucky said:
I checked a few sources. The HX850 is expected to be available in about four to six weeks. ETA at one site was May 4th.

I was at a Fry's Electronics store yesterday. Hardly any Corsair power supplies on the shelves.

Oh I know its insane, I checked several stores that I use not one. I even googled it and still nothing, besides websites that I don't trust.
I don't plan on buy here soon buy maybe then I can pick up one just to stay on the safe side. I think Corsair, well no, Corsair in fact made the perfect PSU for running CrossFire X. It was back a month ago, when I was told to get one and since i have read nothign but A+ reviews about the HX850.

Thanks for the tip, I wish I had a Frys, I don't have shiz anymore, Circuit City, Compusa and two other local joints are all gone. The only big retailer in computers that I have found is BestBuy. I wish a Frys would come to SLC, they are in every state around.

Hey I also found another thing strange, all ASUS 5800's are all gone also. I first thought they were getting ready to release there non-reference cards, like the DirectCU, cause not even the egg has it listed which isn't like them. Usally they atleast show it out of stock. I have check I have not been able to find out??
The reason I ask is cause I want an Asus Card.

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March 30, 2010 4:44:18 AM

Hey its funny, tomssite sent me an email asking me to choose a winner for best answer and its just what I was talking about. :lol: 
But I gave you the best answer since you did recommend the HX850, I just thought that was kinda of a funny coincidence.
It was when I couldn't figure out what I needed for 3 way CFX, so ever since then I have been hooked on just the HX850, and this whole time its been out of stock.