GPU clock tool "failed: No valid device found"

Im using a HD radeon 6850
This has not been working at all and today is my first day of Overclocking so i was wondering if maybe the fact that i have MSI afterburner installed if thats interfering please help!
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  1. Is that no valid device found refering to the video card? the MSI Afterburner is a software program designed to help you to overclock the GPU so it shouldn't be interfering with the overclock. Do a shut down and the start up again to see if that will correct the message your getting.
  2. alright ill try and yes it is referring to the graphics card also the cpu overdrive says i dont have a AMD cpu but i clearly do :/
  3. OK so after the restart AMD Overdrive starts but not the GPU clock tool... any ideas? maybe i have the wrong version im using 9.26 right now
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