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Hi, I'm looking for an AMD Mobo that supports SLI. Right now I have found this one:

I've been reading reviews and it seems that this one has a lot of issues.

Also, if anyone knows of an AMD mobo with sli and usb 3.0 please let me know.
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    There's that board, or this board:

    I'd personally choose the MSI board but if you are put off by the reviews then that's really the only other motherboard with the same chipset.

    Currently no SLI ready AM3 motherboards support USB 3.0.
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  3. Alright, thanks. That was the only other board that I could find also. I ended up going with it because I don't figure that I'll need tri-SLI. And the reviews on the MSI said that with a big gpu it was nearly impossible to SLI. So, thanks for the input.
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