Hi i was wondering if someone could help me out with buying a budget gaming case. I am looking to spend around $120-$160 NZD?

At the moment i am looking at a Raidmax Smilodon and an NZXT hush. If somebody could give me some advice on the airflow, ease-of-installs and other things to look for in a gaming case.

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  1. Here you have two video reviews. The refrigeration is really efficient and the price is very good:


    NZXT TEMPEST EVO: (There is in this video another NZXT case too)

    These ones are midtowers.

    If you are looking for a full tower, at this price, a very good option is the ANTEC 1200:
  2. If available and the price is right, the new Coolermaster 690 II Adavnced mentioned by Henry is a very good case. Two days ago I had a good look at it a Fry's Electronics Store. I was impressed. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling should be very good.

    Have you looked at the Lian Li / Lancoo Dragon Lord cases? They come in a variety of configurations and prices under $100.00 in the USA:

    I have the K-60 for my personal pc. I'm quite pleased with it. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent. Cable managent is very good. All of the Dragon Lord cases have 290mm (11.4 inches) of space for video cards. It can accomodate all of the ATI Radeon 5000 series cards except the very high end 5970.
  3. ^+1...Ahhh JhonnyLucky can you send me a Lord case k60w? I want one, but in my country don't sell Lian-Li or Lancool
  4. what about the Gigabyte Poseidon 310?
  5. ^Like I see, don't have a good cooling system.
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