Mobo + Memory Compatibility question.

Good evening to those who've decided to read this. First of all I am new to toms hardware (in the posting sense, I've been using it as a font of knowledge and understanding for all things computer related since quite some time ago) I'll get straight to and ask the question that's been bugging me for a few hours now.

Will the motherboard and ram below be compatible with one another? Or is the ram going to default to 800 mhz clock speeds? Sadly enough my mobo doesn't support changing ram timings/speeds/voltage so I can't simply force the rated settings if it does default to 800 mhz (I have checked in the bios myself to confirm this).

ram -

mobo -

I've read up on msi's website as to what ram is compatible however not a single type of mushkin ram was tested so that didn't help. In addition some individuals on newegg mentioned that the ram DID default to the rated settings, while others say it DIDN'T and simply clocked itself to 800 mhz settings.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance possible to come to a definite answer to my question.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Yes its compatible and they should work fine with each other
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