I7 860 overclocking HELP!!

Hi guys! give me some advice for overclocking my intel core i7 860 CPU ( 2.8ghz )
i have only 3 question here:

#1 please give me your 2 top/best MOBO for my i7 860 overclocking.
2 cheap and very reasonable and 2 mid-high end MOBO
MOBO should be compatible in my Case which is this:

#2 what RAM should is use for overclocking? 1333mhz or 1660mhz?

#3 2x 4gb is better? or 4x 2gb?

i have a corsair 750 watt TX, MSI twin Frozr 660Ti Power edition over clocked,
running a Full Windows 7 64bit

thanks guys!!!
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    You are going to be limited to Amazon and eBay 90% of the time when it comes to finding a decent or better 1156 board. As for the ram go for the high end as it will boost overall performance when tweaked right. DDR3 1866, an 8GB low latency kit is enough for most things and only a few bucks more expensive than normal 1333 and 1600 kits.
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