How can I install windows xp sata hdd vista pre-installed
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  1. Assuming you have backed uip all of your files you do this:

    1 - reset your computer and as soon as it powers off repeatedly press del, f2, f8 (one of those buttons will send you to SETUP, impossible to know which one although i think its usually del)

    2 - go to the BOOT menu, and change the settings so that the primary BOOT device is the DVD drive

    3 - insert your windows XP disc

    4 - reset your computer and follow the onscreen instructions!
  2. when I say "reset your computer" I mean press f10 or whatever it is to "save changes and exit"
  3. lets not forget that while all the steps are right, he might need drivers for the Sata controller, and have them on a stiffy disk.

    if the XP setup comes up with a error saying it cant find any hardrives. You gonna need the driver.
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