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So i built a new computer a few weeks ago and id like to give my friend my old 8800 GTS. Ive misplaced the old pci express power connector but i see that my new 5770 came with a power connector. The only problem is that its a little bit different than the old one. This new power connector only has one connection to the PSU while my older one had two that connected into the PSU. My question is will the new power connector work with the 8800 gts? :) it would be much appreciated if i could get some feedback. thank you

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  1. I don't like these adapters on general principles, but without any other evidence, you have to assume that they were tested with the video card that they came with.

    I'd just use it. Well, actually, I'd monitor the voltage at the video card with a DMM and monitor the temperature by touch for a while.
  2. If that connector came with the card then i think it's good enough and it were tested before it get shipped...
    what about your PSU? don't u have 6pin connector on your PSU?
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    It should be fine just make sure if it is being connected to a split Molex wire (1 wire with 2 connections for 2 devices) that you do not connect anything to the 2nd molex connector (which is the main reason the older one had 2 molex connections to avoid people messing up and using the single wire for their GPU and some other device causing instability under load ! (it should be a single wire with no other splits running to other device from the PSU to the video card !! - hope that makes sense) since the cable can only carry a certain amperage and trying to use 2 devices on that cable with one being the GPU can cause it to lack enough amperage to remain stable.
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