AMD Cool'n'Quiet - Friend or Foe?

Ok, another question realting to my recent build which I am about to finaly get my windows 7 disc for.

I love the idea of AMD cool and quiet, it seems like a great idea, but reading a lot of sites many people hate it with a passion. :pfff:
I just want my computer to be quiet under normal use, and then do what it likes when I play games (at its best) and leave it in standby, as it is a family computer.

I basicly wnat to know if I should enable cool'n'quiet or not. I also have the option of Asus q-fan, which can speed up or slow down the fan speed, though I hear it will allow the CPU to get quite hot before speeding up - which I'm not really worried about as I will not have any overclock.

So cool'n'quiet or q-fan? or both?
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  1. I use Cool n Quiet with no problems. My CPU dynamically adjusts its clock and voltage depending on load. It works extremely well since the CPU doesn't need to be at max clock or voltage while you're doing everyday stuff in Windows. As soon as your fire off something CPU intensive, it automatically cranks up to full speed. Since you don't plan to overclock, I recommend you do the same. Most CPU fans are pretty quiet even under load.
  2. Agreed.

    People against things like this tend to be overclockers who want more control and stability. if it doesn't cause you a problem, leave it on.
  3. +1 from me too... AMD cool & quite will save up on electricity apart from making your PC, well, cool & quite. :)
  4. I'm overclocked AND have an unlocked core and C&Q has not caused any issues for me.
  5. with nforce4 chipsets it actually caused problems , newer stuff doesn't have any problems.
  6. Here's a great article:,2453.html

    It makes no difference pretty much.

    Edit: I was talking about performance wise. I thought the article had some benchmarks but it didn't though, as you can see, it makes a difference with power consumption.
  7. A related question: how come coolnquiet doesnt work for me? It never slows down like its supposed to, even at low cpu usage!
    Amd athlon64 3500+
    msi k8 n neo2
    xp home!!!
  8. shovenose said:
    A related question: how come coolnquiet doesnt work for me? It never slows down like its supposed to, even at low cpu usage!
    Amd athlon64 3500+
    msi k8 n neo2
    xp home!!!

    Did you enable it in your BIOS? Also, for XP, you have to install the correct Cool n Quiet driver for this to work. You also have to set the correct power scheme. Rather than me rehashing all of this from memory, go here to see how to enable it ->
  9. Ks. Ill see what i csn do...
  10. Thanks, so should I enable q-fan too or not?
  11. Cool n quiet should be enough, so leave q-fan off imo.

    If the noise still bugs you, try out q-fan and see if it helps. There is no correct way, just whatever suits you best. ;)
  12. ha! it worked thanks!
  13. my Cool ‘n’ Quiet is active but its not doing anything. voltage spikes temp spikes usage spike. everything is spiking. first is it Cool ‘n’ Quiet problem. im not sure cuz of the usage spikes. any help or thoughts would be great. i do use other programs to adjust fan speed but this problem just started occurring.
  14. I have to agree on that, the amd cool n quiet really has helped

    From before where i first built my pc, my computer was up in arms with really hot temperatures of around 58 - 60 degree C and i was getting very worried.

    So first of all i obviously checked my CPU and it seemed that i didnt pull the lever down properly, but after i did, temperatures dropped to around 52 degrees C.

    I still wasnt very happy, but it seems after enabling cool n quiet in the bios my temperatures reduced to around 48 degreese to still 52 degreese on heavy load.

    I then added an extra fan on medium speed, temperatures now are at 47 - 48 degrees on load but normally around 33 - 34 degrees while idle.

    so it may have halped.
  15. Running it on an FX6300 oc'ed to 4.5ghz, never see any issues. Max temp on the cpu under load is about 50c, with an antec kuhler 620.
  16. Friends if talking about energy, foe when talking about overclocking.
  17. wth... this is a 3 year old thread.
  18. noob2222 said:
    wth... this is a 3 year old thread.

  19. Maybe I'll try CPU started hitting 75 degrees as of late.
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