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My current setup is a sapphire 4850X2 which can run four monitors, but doesn't have eyefinity. I am thinking about getting a 5850 so that I can run three monitors with eyefinity, but I had a few questions.

1. I have heard that for eyefinity, you have to use the two DVI outputs and the DP, you cannot do the two DVI and the HDMI. Is this true?

2. If you can use the HDMI with the two DVI ports simultaneously, is it possible to use a DVI-HDMI attached to the monitor and have a HDMI cable from the card to the monitor? Or should I just buy an HDMI-DVI cable? (if such a thing exists)

3. If I have to use the DP, can someone recommend a good active converter that's not too expensive?
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  1. I thought you could go either HDMI+DVI+DP or DVI+DVI+DP. if not then you could allways use a pasive DVI to HDMI converter if you realy needed HDMI.

    The cheapest ones ive seen are at $100. heres that dell one:
    other rebranded ones ive seen are from amazon and sapphire.
  2. @strangestranger and @paperfox:
    what I mean is that I want to use DVI+DVI+HDMI. I don't want to use any DP if I don't have to.
  3. Unfortunately you have to use DP for the 3rd monitor or get that active converter.
  4. To date only 5970 supports eyefinity
  5. all 5000 series cards support eyefinity. only the 5970 supports it in crossfire, even then its kind of iffy.
  6. One last question. I was looking at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002ISX8JW . Would this work? All of my monitors are DVI+VGA.
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