Gta 4 not running

I have i7 860 P55 Motherboard 4GB DDR3 ati 4350 But Gta 4 is not running
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  1. Can you give us the full specs??

    My first guess is that the 4350 is having a hard time with the game. Do you have this problem with other games?? If so, which ones??
  2. Have you installed the latest patch for it? It increases stability and framerates for it quite alot over the original install disc. But I also think that a 4350 is unpowered for this game.
  3. most wanted stucks for a second at full graphics..
    i have not tried any other games..
  4. Here is the patch if you havent installed it:
    Also try reducing the settings so that your card isn't having such a hard time. If you want to be able to play GTA IV maxed out, then, depending on what your resolution is the minimum card would probably be a 4870, altho the 5770 is the card I'd recommend.
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