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Lately I've been looking for a new PC and I though, the heck with it, I'll just get a whole new experience and build my own. I've pretty much got most of the parts I want but I'm really a little lost as to the PSU... No clue what's best there...

I've got the following parts already:

Asus M4A79XTD EVO + Phenom II 955BE (AMD 790X)
€ 224,90
$ 317,92

Asus EAH4350 Silent/DI/1GD2 (Retail, VGA, DVI, HDMI, CrossFireX)
€ 39,99
$ 56,52

Western Digital WD10EARS (Bulk, Caviar Green) Boxed? (do I need this?)
€ 74,90
$ 105,88

Arctic-Cooling Alpine 64 GT (Retail)80mm CPU fan
€ 7,99
$ 11,29

Tacens Aura (Retail, Zwart/Wit, 3-pins)120mm Case fan
€ 8,99
$ 12,71

Cooler Master Elite 331 (Retail, Black/Zilver)
€ 32,99
$ 46,63

For the ram I can either buy:
2 Dual-kits of 4GB OCZ obsidian 1600MHz DDR3 RAM for $ 205
8gb kingston 1066MHz DDR3 from some local around here for $ 190
a quad-kit of Kingston HyperX 1333MHz for $ 296,71 from the same shop as all the other stuff listed above

Which to pick?

As far as I could find all this is compatible with each other but I need a PSU... And I really have no clue how much power I need...

FYI this system is to last for another 5 years (as my current 512MB RAM onboard VGA core 2 duo from 2003 :D) and not for hardcore gaming.

If anyone could help me out a little, or push me in the right direction that'd be awesome =)

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  1. A good 450 watt will do. Something like Antec or Corsair in 500 - 550 watts would be better.
  2. Okay I'll look for a Corsair or Antec one!

    I also found the be quiet! Pure Power BQT L7 430W Is that one any good or is 430W just too little power?
  3. With that PSU, it's not the 430Ws that would worry me, it's the quality. Don't get me wrong, it may be top notch. But there's a reason you usually see the same brands recommended: Corsair, Antec, PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic, etc.

    Many of the lower power PSUs claim an output they can't meet - or worse, they cannot meet with any stabilitiy and consistency. A couple of good sites to do PSU research are:
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