I7 930 overclocking

I've just overclocked my i7 930 and I want to now is it safe and worth it???

CPU Frequency = 3.50 GHz
CPU clock Ratio = 21X
BCLK Frequency = 166 MHz
Memory Frequency = 1333 MHz
CPU Voltage = 1.275 Volt
Dram Voltage = 1.50 Volt

Every thing else is Auto

My spec is:
CPU : Intel Core i7-930 With Cooler Master V8 Cooler
Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Rev.2
Memory : Kingmax 2X4GB 1333 MHz
Power Supply : Thermaltake 850W
Graphic Card : Gigabyte GTX 670 OC

My idle temp is 41 C

Thanks for help
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  1. Well, what are it's temps under load? If it is getting to hot or is unstable then pull back on the OC a little bit.
  2. the temp under full load is 69 C
    but the performance is amazing
    I'm just don't want to harm my pc
  3. I want to do this OC as you did. Is it safe??
  4. Mr Fister said:
    I want to do this OC as you did. Is it safe??

    Well you should be fine
    but every pc has it's own OC
    what work on my pc may not work on yours
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