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I just built a new PC. I have a MSI P55m-GD41 motherboard, and as for memory 2 x 2gb Corsair CMD4GX3MSA1600C9 1600MHZ 9-9-9-24 1.65V.

This issue I am having is when just 1 of the memory sticks is plugged in everything works great. When I plug the 2nd one in Windows 7 64bit freezes up at the startup screen and then restarts, and will continue this loop until the power is shut off manually. I have tried both sticks in every combination of the slots on the mother board, and just cant figure out what the problem is. I poked around in the BIOS, had it load the default settings, even though I never touched any settings in the first place, but no matter what if both the memory sticks are plugged in windows just wont load. I was thinking of just returning them and getting something different if I cant figure this out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Other system info:
i5-650 cpu
Zotac GTX470 gpu
Coolermaster 600w power supply
Thermaltake A90 case
Windows 7 64bit
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  1. Can you tell if your motherboard is detecting the memory at 1600mhz or at 1333 mhz or 1066MHZ? If detecting at the higher rate, try to set at a lower rate and see if that helps. Trying to help get you stable before trying to ramp the speed back up.

    Regarding returning them, that may be your best option. Try to get "certified" memory for your mobo. MSI has a list of tested memory configs posted to their website for your motherboard. If you can, get one of those.

    Last, if you are OCing the CPU, stop until you get the memory situation under control. Good luck!
  2. Well I have never heard of having to go into anything to change memory settings? Is that something you normally have to do when building a new computer? Memory was always one of the easier parts of building a computer, you just... plug it in lol...

    Anway I just went to frys where I bought it, they had no clue what was causing it. They said its probably the motherboard. we looked up the corsair website and found that my motherbaord wasn't compatable with that exact model of memory but is with the same exact thing just like 1 letter different in the model number, so that was weird. We ended up swapping it out with some patriot viper 2, it was like 15 more but I was ok with that. Dude working at frys said he has the same memory and never had to adjust any settings or anything like that, just plug and play. So when I get home tonight well see what happens. Ill post with the outcome.

    Unless im missing something here, it should just be plug and play right??
  3. Should be plug n' play, but every now and then some combos need a little help.
  4. Well got home put the Patriot Viper 2 in and works perfectly. Thanks for the input COLGeek!
  5. Well... I spoke too soon, one of them was not clicked in all the way. Still doing the same exact thing.
  6. There are 4 slots for memory on the motherboard. Windows boots up perfectly if ONE of the memory modules is plugged in, and it will work on all 4 slots. As soon as I plug both of them in, windows reboots at the startup screen, and will do a continous loop. For some reason it just will not take both memory sticks at one time, regardless of what slots they are plugged into. Only 1 at a time will work. Is there something in windows that needs to be done?

    Here is a screen shot of the memory, does it look wrong?

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    You may have a defective motherboard. The likelihood of having 2 sets of bad RAM is VERY low. When you went to Frys, did the tech do anything with the memory config in the BIOS? I assume you are still auto-detecting memory settings and running at default speeds. Correct?
  8. Well the people at Fry's never saw the computer, I just bought the stuff there and took it home, it was a DIY if you will. I was just describing the problem to him in detail and they said it sounds like the mobo, but had me try different RAM to be safe.

    And yes I have done nothing to the BIOS, everything on auto detect and stock settings on the memory.

    I did figure out how to go in the BIOS and make setting changes, it reads both memory sticks in BIOS just fine, and you can go in and change each ones settings individually.

    But for some reason, windows just won’t load. As soon as the little Windows logo starts to appear in the middle of the screen, and it says loading windows under it, the computer completely restarts, and will continue this loop indefinably.

    And I know it’s not the hard drive because it does the same exact thing when you try to boot the windows install disk from the DVD drive, the hard drive not even plugged to power or SATA.

    I know it’s not the memory because 2 different ones, different brands and still the same issue.

    It has to be the motherboard... Going to go tonight after work and swap it with a different brand, Gigabyte. Its the same price/features. It has the H55 instead of the P55, will this affect anything?
  9. Since it is also an Intel chipset, you should be fine. You will likely have to activate Win 7 again afterwards, but no big deal, even if you have to use the call in method (you'll see what I mean when you get to that process).

    Have you tried to boot the system without your discrete GPU installed and just used the on-board GPU?
  10. I wasnt able to try that because that mobo doesnt have any video out on it at all what so ever. The one I am going to exchange it with, a Gigabyte brand does.

    Is there anway its the windows disk? Because the Windows disk wont even boot up either with both memory sitcks in. Its a windows 7 OEM, not sure if that matters.

    Im hoping for some reason windows 7 just isnt reading the mobo right or something.

    The MSI mobo comes with a disc that has like its own OS on it, it has a web browser, picture view, and some other utilities. It works fine with both rams plugged in. So its just something wierd with windows.
  11. It is possible that you have a defective Win 7 DVD. The OEM issue is moot as long as the DVD is good.

    Since you are running CPU-Z, you were able to install Win 7 on your HDD. I am pretty sure you have a hardware problem and the mobo is the likely culprit given what you have described.
  12. COLGeek said:
    It is possible that you have a defective Win 7 DVD. The OEM issue is moot as long as the DVD is good.

    Since you are running CPU-Z, you were able to install Win 7 on your HDD. I am pretty sure you have a hardware problem and the mobo is the likely culprit given what you have described.

    Yea good point, it cant be the DVD considering it installed perfectly with just the one mb stick. I guess well find out tonight, I will keep posted on here.

    I have been doing some google searches and such for the same issue. I have seen something like this before, but the few posts i found there was nothing conclusive, so its not like this is a super common problem. I mean there are tons of results with windows not booting and restarting the computer, but nothing really memory related. God I hope swapping the motherboard fixes it, stuff like this stressed me out so bad lol :fou:

    Thanks for all your help COLGeek with this.
  13. Solved. Turns out motherboard was messed up. Again I swapped it out for a Gigabyte brand one, and it works fine:

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