Repair RAID withour formatting. All data is there, MBR damaged

I come here asking for help after trying everything on my book (and google's too :P). A bit of background on the problem:
I know this was stupid from the begining, but, I had to test 6 ram sticksand to do that I pluged them one by one turning the pc on and off several times. Thus resulting in my PC not being able to boot.
I did as usual and inserted the windows 7 DVD and used the boot recovery/repair tool. I even did that 3 times because I read in many places that it could take 3 tries for it to fix it. Anyway, my OS didn't appear on the list of OS's to repair on the tool, but, somewhere in the windows 7 forums it said that it wasn't important. I still wasn't able to boot.
I then went into the BIOS and for some reason (read: my brother playing the tecnician) the default settings were loaded. So, I set the storage mode back to RAID and BAM! I was able to get in the CTRL+i RAID menu. There it was, the whole raid 0. Both drives where showing with perfect size. So, I restarted my pc and went back into the bios, set the boot priority to the raid, saved changes and exited with really high hopes of being able to get into windows once again. Unluckilly I wasn't.
Frustrated, I went back to google and threw a few related terms. I found Parted Magic, a liveCD pretty much like Hiren's but with a unique program that could possibly save my files: TestDisk. I manage to get into it and start using it by following some guides just to find out TestDisk can't restore RAID's MBR.
And that's where I am at the moment. Completely desperate trying to get back into windows so I can continue working on my final exams.

Does anyone know what else can I do? I feel like the data is all there so, if it's possible, I'd love to hear a solution that doesn't imply formatting. Also, if it's possible, a solution that fixes the MBR (or whatever is broken, maybe the RAID?) so I can just get back into Windows and carry on as if nothing happened :P. As a last resource, a data recovery would be apreciated. It's mostly impossible to pay for it (read around it costs about 300 bucks) so I'd appreciate if I can do this myself.

My system is as follows:
Asus P6T with the ICH10R controller.
2x WD Caviar Black 640GB in RAID0
Intel i7 920.
At the moment I'm working with 2GBs of ram, but I have a buch to change them for in case I happen to need more for X reasons.

As a side note, I have another windows 7 pc I can use in case I need to.
Any other information you need just ask me.

Thansk in advance for any possible solution and please, please, excuse my english as I'm not a native speaker and I'm quite desperate.
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