How to enable USB 2.0 with BIOSTAR G31-M7 TE ?

Hello, I got issue in the motherboard 's USB 2.0 port.
I insert my USB 2.0 pendriver and it detect it as USB 1.1..

OS is Windows XP SP 3
I installed the setup from the disk included...
And it won't work at all....
I also try go to BIOS to see the BIOS settings for USB ports..
But there are nothing to change the setting...
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  1. hi vipervoid1,

    i am facing the same problem as yours. But in my case my pen drive worked. But it worked as if the USB port is 1.1. Also, I tried to use my AverMedia USB TV card which require a 2.0 USB port. But it didn't run because the USB is showing 1.1.

    Though the motherboard specification clearly states that it is USB 2.0; then why this is happening? Have you or anyone got a solution to your problem?

    Thanks in Advance.
  2. Download The Driver From Here:

    Step 1: Download The Driver
    Step 2: Restart the Computer and Unplug all USB Devices From Computer
    Step 3: Unzip the File Using Winrar
    Step 4: Three Files will be extracted. Run USB2.0.exe
    Step 5: Pop Up will message come that drivers installed.
    Step 6: Done.

    Tested with my 650 GB portable Drive and copying speed increase 3 fold. My OS ix XP service pack 3

    Blog Address:
  3. try to repair your system.....
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