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Hey there guys I have a problem, Well basicley i am building my first ever rig with a quite experinced friend this coming tuesday, I have put about £2000 into it and i want to get the best results posible. Anyway the thing im worried about is How to apply the thermal compound what will be the best method for the cpu fan im using,the thermal paste im using, the processor im using. I am going to be using the cooler master 212 evo cpu cooler, with artic silver 5 thermal compound and a quad core 3rd Generation i7 3770K 3.50GHz Socket LGA1155. In the cooler master evo box it sugest the thin layer method aka spreding method, I am all for this but what do i know its my first build Hence why im asking you guys the more experinced people.On the artic silver website it says apply a line for quad core processors. My questions are What is the best method for apply the thermal compound for my build-parts. So far the thin layer spreding method has looked to be the best method imo But if you have any sugestions let me know it would be much appreachiated.

Thanks -Jay (i will not be overlocking) :)
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  1. The plate on that has direct heatpipe contact so there may be tiny gaps to fill,
    I personally use a spreading method but the pea blob should also work fine for you, I wouldn't use the line method on a DHP cooler though
  2. THANKS for your reply. im more concerned about temps what will give the better temps?
  3. As long as the coverage is even, no method is 'better' than the others, the differents methods are used to ensure good coverage on differing styles of heatplate,
    it used to be a flat plate of metal but nowadays with Dhp's, its a slightly trickier deal to ensure all the little gaps are filled in on them,
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