Radeon 5000 vertical stripes problem

Hmmm...I've looked on many forums, and it seems that the vertical stripe problem for the 5000 cards is pretty wide spread. Its strange, instead of crashing with a blue screen, it crashes with the vertical stripes... I can't get prime95 blend to run without bringing up the stripes (it doesn't happen in games). Anyone else have the vertical stripes problem? Anyone know why/how to fix? I have a sapphire 5850.
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  1. I have the problem a couple times daily. I'm extremely frustrated with this sh*t. I am almost to the point of doing a RMA. I hope to god there is a driver fix to handle it. It happens to me when I play COD MW2.

    Anyway, I will let you know if I run across a solution. I like the card a ton (5850) except for when it does this stuff.


    Bill Anderson
  2. From what I've read around, it would appear that the memory on these cards do not have a temperature gauge, nor extra cooling.

    After learning that, I tried underclocking my memory settings by 50MHz and have not had those vertical stripes since. I also over clock the core, which makes up for the performance loss and more.
  3. But why would prime blend make in happen then? XD. Seems like no one knows for sure...
  4. I have no idea, I've never seen that problem with Prime95.
  5. see this forum, look like the number of this problem has been increasing.

  6. Well I have noticed that since I have undone my extra settings of clock and memory on overdrive, the problem has lessened some. However, when I had it overclocked, I would run the fan at 45% which would keep the card cool where ever the temp gauge is located.

    I noticed I missed my 30-day return option, so I'm keeping it and will deal with Sapphire if I get frustrated enough down the road.

    Bill Anderson
  7. I have the same problem in a xfx 5750 card...The weird thing is i not get the error while playing, but only on idle....

    Hope a driver can fix this...
  8. Quote:
    The problem really only arises at extremely high framerates in non-demanding software in crossfire mode, making it fairly minor

    That's what the GPU's manufacture had to say about the issue, that and it needs to be fixed.

  9. i had a reply from the xfx support...they told me to edit a xml file to make catalyst dont lower the core clock to below 300...
  10. To me another plus to waiting for lower prices is also problems like this are either worked out or avoided but that renders me to either low end or obsolete hardware.
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