Netgear W311T network adapter doesnt work

Hi, i have a pc that has been installed on windows 7 64bit, and im having problems connecting to our home network. The adapter worked fine on vista 64bit and windows 7 rc but for some reason can't connect to the network. The configuration settings are entered correctly and it finds the home network, however for some reason it won't connect. The authentication passwords and type are inputted correctly but it won't connect. Ive also tried removing security and it still won't connect. I have also tried giving it an ip address on the network and that hasn't worked. Ive asked netgear for help but its like talking to a brick wall, they just say the software used for the install isnt supported for windows 7. The problem is the same if you install it with windows automated driver install or with netgears own software.

any help?

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  1. If you don't get a helpful answer here -- Netgear's user forum is pretty good.
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