I7-920 on a ASUS Maximus III Formula

Hello, would you recommend buying a i7-920 processor for the ASUS Maximus III Formula, would these 2 be compatible. I know i7 is for the 1136 chipset motherboards and ASUS Maximus III Formula is a 1156 chipset motherboard, but what would be the disadvantage. Thank you.
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  1. the i7 920 wont even fit in it

    socket 1156=1156 pins

    socket 1366=1366 pins

    only socket 1156 i7 8xx series will work on 1156 boards

    only i7 9xx will work on 1366 boards

    but both have xeon derivatives but thats irrelavent
  2. Thank you, i did some research afterwords and noticed that ass well :D (stupid me).
  3. And anyway what would you suggest the i7 or the i5 ?
  4. What are your main uses for the system. For the most part an I5 750 will be plenty of power. For gaming the I5 is perfect if you will be doing more CPU intensive tasks that can take advantage of the 8 threads the I7 has then go with the I7.
  5. for general use and gamoing the i5 750 is currently the best option but if any actual production is done on the pc like video and photo work the i7 is the way to go or if you have the cash for an i7 over an i5
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