Dual monitors for HP s3500t slimline

Is it possible to install dual monitors on my HP s3500t?
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  1. Depends, as a slim PC it won't have 2 DVI/VGA ports, but might have an S-Video/HDMI port.
  2. wow, thanks for the quick reply. I'm not sure what the s-video/hdmi port looks like.
  3. S-Video

  4. I have 2 ports that are circular like the s-video. One is colored green, the other violet. It looks like they have about 6 liitle pin holes each.
  5. Those are PS/2 slots, they are for keyboard & mouse.

    Where do you plug your monitor in? Look at the same extension band.
  6. thanks for sticking with the dummy here. The monitor is plugged into a port, but there are no others available. Just usb's.
  7. Then no you can't, unless you buy another graphics card.
    There are some USB->DVI adapters but their worth/quality is dubious.
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