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Ok members I am attempting to repair my mothers desktop pc and cannot figure out the issue. When I start the pc it gives me 2 beeps which I have not found in the dell beep code errors. After the pc is started lights 1,2, & 3 stay lit. When the pc is through starting up it says floppy diskette seek failure. Now before anyone thinks that the floppy drive is the issue I can promise you it is not. There is no floppy drive in this computer and when I go to the set up the bios is saying no floppy detected which is correct, but then it says no hard drive detected, and no cd-rom detected either so there is no way to set the boot order as the system is not seeing any hardware. I removed the cpu and it has a small area on the side that mates to the motherboard that almost looks like a burn. It is darker than the rest of the gold points on the cpu. Is it possible that the cpu burn and would cause the results that I am getting. Sure could use some insight on this members. Thank you kindly, Don
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  1. Whenever I replace the board, I try to replace the cpu if possible. But it could be either one. It's hard to test each of these components individually without some spare parts. When you repair your old pc, you have to look at the total cost versus new. I check my local craigslist or places like computer geeks which carry older boards and cpus for usage with older ram. And your knowledge about changing out motherboards is also a factor. Many first timers make simple mistakes installing new parts, and blame the board when it's operator error. You've got the general idea on troubleshooting. Your cpu is relatively cheap. Check pricewatch or starmicro for a pentium 5xx or 6xx series socket 775 cpu.
  2. First of all thank you very much for your fast response it is appreciated. I cleaned the cpu thoroughly and reinstalled it in the motherboard and as I figured still nothing. I am resigned to the fact that the motherboard and the cpu need to be replaced but I do not want to install the existing ones. I would like to upgrade the motherboard and the cpu both. The motherboard is a dell jc474 and I have browsed a little but I am not exactly sure what motherboards are compatible with this tower. It is a dell E310. Where can I find a place that will tell me which motherboards I can use in this desktop that I currently have? I am fairly good with computers as I have built my own from scratch. Thank you once again for your help and please let me know if you have an idea as to where I can look for an upgraded motherboard for the pc.
  3. Your board is a btx form factor; computer geeks has some btx boards very cheap since they're no longer made by many manufacturer's. If you don't need to upgrade your cpu speed, then they may work for you. Your hardrive may not boot into windows with a non dell board. You'll need a dell or regular windows dvd or cd to reinstall your operating system. If the dell cd loads, then you'll have to activate it with microsoft. They may or may not allow it; depends on how you make your request. I would just answer their questions to the best of your ability giving them as llittle info as possible, and see if they will issue you a new keycode. Some venders also sell the g965 chipset boards in btx form factor for around $75 that work with some older core2 duo cpus, such as the e6600 or q6600. If you would like to try swapping out all your core parts to a new atx form factor case, then you'll have many more options for the motherboard and cpu. Newegg has some as low as $20 shipped with their email promo codes. You have to register with them for the codes to work, and live in the usa or canada for them to ship.
  4. I want to get a motherboard that is compatible with this desktop that will also support either a quad core processor or an iextreme. That was my reason for asking what would be the easiest way to find out which motherboards will work in my pc. Oh and by the way I have many different operating systems and I myself am using windows ultimate diamond edition 32 bit and imo it is the nicest OS I have ever seen. I would much rather run the 64 bit system because I could run 8 gb of ram with it as where I can only run 4 gb of ram with the 32 bit OS. The problem is that there are so many different things that are not compatible with 64 bit systems and they never will be and many software that I use I am not giving up for just a little more memory and maybe a little speed as well. Sorry I guess I got a little carried away there. LOL Can you direct me to a site that can tell me what motherboards I can use along the lines of what I mentioned. Thanks again much appreciation for your help.
  5. Your current dell case won't use an atx motherboard, so it's value is close to zero. Don't dwell on 32 bit versus 64 bit. I use 32 bit windows ultimate, and it's perfectly fine for almost anything. Recognizes 3 gb of the 4 I have installed; no problem. Whatever board you choose, it should have vista or windows 7 drivers listed on the manufacturer's website for your model board. Many vista drivers will work with windows 7. Since I can't post links (never learned), try a search using "intel btx" for amazon, etc and see what boards you come up with. You may need to search the first 3 or 4 pages to find a btx board you like. In the UK, one manufacturer actually manufacturer's some btx boards with the g31 chipset for newer 775 cpus. Once again, if you insist on using the old dell case, btx is your only option. Places like newegg don't carry btx boards, since they are obsolete. If you don't feel confortable changing out a motherboard or transferring the optical and hardrives to another (atx) case, just look for another oem system at, slickdeals, fatwallet, etc. This is not a good time of year to buy pc stuff. Frys electronics stores has even suspended it's cpu board combo specials. Dec-Jan is much better. For surfing the net, you may be better off checking craigslist for old p4 systems for $50 and getting something better at the end of the year.
  6. Well I had already done a little searching on the web before I asked about the motherboard and actually I came up with a motherboard that according to an individual on another site it will work in the case that I have. It is ASRock G31M-S LGA 775 Intel G31 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard. I am just quoting what I read and have not looked thoroughly into this matter yet but wow that motherboard will support the extreme socket 775 and it don't get much better than that unless you just have money to burn. LOL Thanks again oldie your help is appreciated.
  7. I found a second picture of your board, and apparantly it is micro atx format. Glad you found an affordable board.
  8. Thanks again
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