Transfer windows from hdd to ssd

k. i have a hdd with windows 7 installed and i have it set up with intel smart response technology with my ocz 64gb agility 3 ssd.
now i would like to copy my hdd to my ssd, so i can use windows 7 and all the programsetc on my ssd for faster speeed?
please help
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  1. You can find lots of guides and videos on the net for this, and I just did this operation today.

    I have a Toshiba T135 with 320GB mechanical hard drive in it. I bought an Intel 80GB SSD. I previously had bought a 2.5" external USB enclosure. I put the new SSD into the external enclosure and plugged it into the computer. I downloaded Easeus Total Backup, installed it and ran the disk clone option. It took a little over an hour to clone my drive. Then I shut down the laptop, removed the mechanical hard drive and put the SSD in its place. I turned on the laptop and it booted from the SSD.
  2. Just re-install it, for petes sake.
  3. Track said:
    Just re-install it, for petes sake.

    Reinstall is always the recommended method, if that is possible.

    I have done that with a laptop and from that experience I found that it is very much easier if you can clone from the old drive to the new drive. When I reinstalled to a laptop before that machine wouldn't do anything. It wouldn't connect to a network, wifi didn't work, touchpad didn't work, even the NIC didn't work. I had to search and download drivers, put them on a flash drive, and transfer them that way. Then once I could get the NIC to work I could connect the machine to the internet and the search for drivers went a little bit easier. I just cloned another laptop this past weekend and it went very much faster than that reinstall process.

    My wife has a laptop that came with software such as MS Office installed, and we don't have any media for reinstalling that software, so if I was going to upgrade her laptop I would have to clone it, or pay for the software again.
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