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i am running two monitors currently in clone mode. one is 800x600 and the other is HD projector. when switching between the two, i have a hotkey set up to switch between 1024x768 and 800x600, depending on which monitor i am currently working on.

i would like to be able to run both screens at once and the only option i seem to have is to extend the desktop.

what i would like to do is have whatever file/folder i open, have it open on both monitors. is this possible?

as an example, say i open my "games" folder. this folder would open up on both screens, each with it's own resolution. i could then select any file in the folder from either screen. closing that folder would cause both folders on both screens to close.

any thoughts? many thanks
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  1. There might through ATI's CCC or nVidia's Control Panel, if not try Powerstrip.
    However Powerstrip isn't the most user-friendly app.
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