Gts 8600 running faster tha gtx 260

hi ive been running a amd daul core with a gts 8600 and a intel quad core with 2 gtx 260s in sli . but for some reason my fps are higher in the gts 8600 when playing aoin?? (my 8600 gets about 50 to a hundred and my my 269 gets about 30 to 60 both on same setting any ideas??0
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Please post the full system specs of both PCs.
  2. core i 7 920 (2.6 gh)
    ddr3 1333 (patroit) 8 gb
    2 gtx 260 super overclocked edition
    x58 (evga)
    ssd (cant remeber exact model at the moment)
    lite on blu ray burner
    1000 watt power suply (corsair)
    windows seven 64

    amd athlon x2 (2.9 gh)
    2gb ddr2 800
    1 gts 8600
    sata 120 gb
    dvd burner
    asus m4a785-m
    500 watt power supply
    windows seven 32
  3. I dont believe Aion is 4 core supported and is CPU heavy. So the 300 GHZ is probably where the difference comes from. It also doesnt require very much ram. I ran AIon on 2 gigs of ram an 8600 GTS (Actually a really nice card, plays MW2 on all high settings as well with shadows disabled ) and a 2.5 GHZ dual core getting 40+ frames almost constantly. So i doubt your extra ram and cores are helping you here, you might even be taking a performance hit.
  4. Are you sure you have enabled SLI in control panel? also make sure you have the latest drivers installed.
    Test with some other games too like Crysis,COD MW2,Stalker,FC2 etc and check how much FPS you get in both systems
  5. Go back to your Nvidia control panel and set all global settings to default. Try other benchamarks too to determine if it's hardware or just that one game.
  6. ok thanks you guys
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