560TI crashes and burns BF3

I have 2 evga 560ti SC running in sli. When I OC them to 990/2190, it runs 3dmark 11 stably. But when I run BF3, it crashes and burns :cry: . I've tried adding voltage to no avail. any ideas?
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  1. What happens when you lower the overclock? It may have something to do with the fact that a stress test is a solid 100% load and doesn't vary , where BF3 is a game with ups and downs in the rendering of the game so it can go from low stress to high stress in a flash and the fact that you may be at the limit of what you can overclock the two 560Ti's , that gameplay action is what may be too much so try lowering the OC a bit and see what that does.
  2. are you sure your gpus have unlocked voltage?
  3. I don't know if the voltages are unlocked. I just use EVGA Precision X. The cards come factory overclocked at 900/2106. When I OC to 950/2190, it runs pretty much anything stably. 990/2190 I just get a black screen after a few minutes. I have done all this at 1.075 volts.
  4. With two cards running at 950 mhz wouldn't that give you good enough FPS?
  5. I still get frame rate drops in 64 player firestorm. :cry: For example, if there is some huge explosion or something, it drops to around 20 fps.
  6. What is your cpu and how much ram do you have?
    BF3 is one of the most demanding games and can actually be used to stress test your system it's that powerful of a game.
  7. I have a i5 3570k and Crucial BallistiX Tactical 8GB DDR3 1600 CL8 memory.
  8. The cpu overclocked? I just can't see why your getting such a drop when using two cards in SLI you should be handling those firestorms and sure there could be some drop in fps but not down to 20.
  9. I have overclocked it to 4.2 but cant get 4.5 cause i think i damaged my OS going for 4.8 :pt1cable:

    EDIT: Forgot to say that this was before I damaged my OS.
  10. That's unusual to have damaged the OS , what exactly did you damage and why don't you put in the Windows disc and do a repair of the OS. Internet Explorer is a part of the OS as it's an application that connects to the internet and by saying that you damaged the OS this could have an affect on the way IE works. Games use programs like IE , firefox and google chrome to play the games on the internet.
    I'm not sure that you can damage the OS by overlocking so can you give some info on what happened and why you think that the OS is damaged.
  11. Well, before I attempted for 4.8, I could run 4.5 at 1.28 volts stable. After going for 4.8, and crashing during boot on windows, I could not get 4.5 at 1.28 volts stable. I just BSOD a few seconds after boot.
  12. nevermind, I can't read
  13. The most of drop I get is to 35fps on any map running two reg 560's at 910mhz. Do you have 1gb 560ti's or 2gb?
  14. 1gb. Keep in mind that this is on 64 player games which is ALOT more intensive than single player.
  15. cheezecake56 said:
    1gb. Keep in mind that this is on 64 player games which is ALOT more intensive than single player.

    I only play multiplayer and when I play 64 player maps lowest drop I get is 35fps with a lot going on.
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