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SSD reliable for primary work HDD?

I wanted to get another year or two out of my work laptop so I bumped the RAM to 8 GB and purchased a small (64 GB) SSD. In preparation for the install, I have been browsing the forums, reading up a bit.

I notice a fair amount of discussion on SSD concerning data loss and drive failure. I cant have that... I back up as much as the next guy (every several months), but I need it to be as reliable as a spinning HDD... Should I be nervous?

About the system:
HP G72 Laptop with 8 GB DDR3, 64 GB Patriot Torqx2 SSD (Windows 7/64 bit), Western Digital 500 GB (data drive)
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  1. Another option that just occurred to me... since I am removing the optical drive (to use an adapter to gain room for the second HDD), I could buy a matching WD 500 GB and go with a RAID (assuming the laptop supports RAID).
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    I have used my OCZ Vertex 2 for a year and a half as my primary drive and have had no issues with it. Newer drives are even better. Here is a good place to start.,3088.html
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