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Hey guys. Sup? Something happened on my Acer 5515 laptop and i need help really bad. Here is the story.

I was a helping out a friend of mine with a netbook and he had XP installed on it and i offered to install 7 on it. Before installing 7, i wanted to create a partition first, then installed 7 on it and he can go back to XP should he want to. Now i was told by another friend i could use a program to create that partition called Partition Magic. At that time i was already at my home so i decided to try it on my Windows 7 laptop. I googled it and then downloaded and installed it. As i looked down further on the google search results i noticed someone said not to put it on Windows 7. Seeing that i immediately looked to uninstall it but the uninstall option was not there, went to control panel and tried to uninstall it.When it started the process, the taskbar disappeared then the screen froze. I then did a forced shut down by holding down the power button and switch the laptop back on and everything worked great. I opened my computer in order to go to my D drive for a video i downloaded and i was shocked to see my D drive was gone.

Went to disk management where i saw only my Acer C drive and at the bottom i saw the C drive space as well as the, what was D drive space. Right clicked it and saw an option to make it active then i clicked ok. Being so pissed i decided to go to program files and delete the software there and it said it was in use so it could not delete it then i saw that it was opened with a message about an error it found. Clicked cancel then it opened up another error so i clicked close and it did. Deleted the Folder and i did a reboot. Then i saw the dreaded BOOTMGR file is missing error and then i got really pissed. Popped in the Windows 7 ultimate dvd which i downloaded and burned few days before to try and reinstall windows 7. Only saw my C drive but i thought nothing of it, clicked it and then i got an error: "windows installation encountered an unexpected error. Error code :0xC0000005.

Having give up all hope i thought of formatting the C drive thinking it was going format the whole disk but then i remembered how my cousin gave me his recovery disk to fix the BOOTMGR error on his niece pc. Been happy i placed my hand down at the bottom of my laptop where it accidentally ok'ed the format. Tried to see if the installation would work but same error showed. Went on my sister's laptop and searched for the windows 7 recovery disk iso which i download and burnt to a dvd to see if it would help me out, which it did not but i do have access to command prompt where i tried running chkdsk to see if it will help which it did not.
Thats my story and i am now here seeking help as to what to do or try. PLEASE help me out guys. Thx in advance.

And I am also sorry if i post this in the wrong section.

EDIT: i used diskpart and i formatted the C volume and the recovery partition...the BOOTMGR message is gone and it now says missing OS
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  1. The OS is gone because you formatted.You need to reinstall windows
  2. yea but i still get that code i mentioned from before when i select my C drive to install the OS.
  3. how do i use the rescue disk?

    EDIT:this topic can now be marked as closed. Decided to go back to command prompt after seeing area51reopened link.

    Used command prompt from recovery disk and used diskpart to locate all partitions. Deleted the corrupted partition and created a new one. Formatted the first partition, that is the C drive, inserted windows 7 disk and installed windows 7.

    Laptop is now ok and is working properly. Thanks for the assist area51reopened. :D
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