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I have an old dell laptop pentium m 2ghtz with 1 gb of ram. It was running xp for years a doing fine. Then it started slowing and crawling to a halt all the time.

So i did a clean install with win 7.

Still absurdly slow.

Any ideas on fixing this? Any diagnostic tools to try? With the OS change i assume i am looking at a hardware issue. I did run diskscan and it came back clean.

Please help,

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    Since it is so old I would suggest makeing sure all the fans are running and also make sure they aren't clogged with dust. If the cooling is not working fully the processor will throttle it way back so it doesn't cook itself. Also on that old of a system I would stick with xp since you are most likely gonna have a real hard time finding drivers for all the components.
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    XP runs lighter than win 7? It seems forums are suggesting win 7 even for netbooks.
  3. Well win 7 really should have atleast 2GBs of ram to run right it will run on less but will get bogged down for netbooks they mostly all come with XP for a reason they are able to use less RAM and resources.
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