Product keys don't activate on new XP Pro Install

Hello. I have a customer's computer at work that does not activate when entering valid XP Pro keys. Computer says 'Invalid Key' when entering it. I am using a legit Windows XP Pro disc. I was on the phone with Microsoft all day a few weeks ago and they ended up giving me 2 or 3 new XP Pro keys. None of those keys work.

I can't provide the hardware specs, because I'm not at work until tomorrow. It's a 7-8 year old system for an older woman.

Anyone have ideas as what could be going on? Thanks.
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  1. Call Microsoft up again, and don't hang up the phone until one of the keys they give you actually works.
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    What it may also be Anthony is the different versions of XP Pro that are available. There are VLK versions, Upgrade/Retail version, and an OEM version.

    OEM versions will not work on Upgrade/Retail or VLK installs and all other combos. I'd be willing to bet the keys are legit, just for a different "version" of XP Pro.
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  4. Thanks rybussell. I'll see what I can figure out tomorrow.

    The woman didn't have her product key, so I used ProduKey to find the key of the current XP Pro install. Then used that key with a 32-bit XP Pro disc I had laying around. Not sure if my disc is VLK or retail. Or if her key is OEM or not... Though, I thought OEM keys would work with VLK or retail discs. And I'd imagine M$ gave me retail keys. I dunno. I have a mess on my hands and feel I should be thinking of alternative options for her now.
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