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plz some one tell me can i change the display adapter of my laptop of model no:acer aspire 5542.display adapter of ati hd 4200 internal dac(400mhz).
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  1. sorry, you cannot change laptop video adaptors. (unless you are god with a soldering iron.

    And I mean god not good!
  2. Yeah, you are stuck with that. If it makes you feel better it's pretty good for an IGP, although that isn't saying much.
  3. The notion of upgradeable GPUs in laptops didn't really catch on. A couple of companies toyed around with the idea a while back, but it just wasn't meant to be. Like the other guy said... as far as IGPs go... you got a decent one... so be thankful for that and hopefully this will be a learning experience. Other than memory and disk drives, it's really not that feasible to upgrade laptop hardware... some people will say CPUs are OK... but that's debatable.
  4. Actually i found out something pretty strange. Apparently Best-buy replaces Graphics cards in laptops, the cost however is like 50 - $100... But they'll do the job.
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