Motherboard not responding

My my 3 year old custom computer with a striker extreem motherboard and a E6600 CPU stoped running. I'm going through the process to fix as discribed in one of your articals - remove all components - reset cmos - wait 2 hrs and reinstall - boot. The MB has power & CPU fan only works for .1 sec before it shuts down.
It has been running great for 3 years recieved an update from vista and hit reboot. Came back l later worked on the web then shut down the web screen tab. "Poof - computer shut down and won't restart" Should I also reset the CPU? Should I add a new hard drive as it may be viros related?

Just boored waiting for 2 hrs to do thr reinstall!
MB: Striker Extreem
CPU: E6600
RAM: (4) Ballistix 1gig each
VID: 8800 GTX
POWER: 1000 watt Ultra

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Sounds like a PSU failure due to the fans flickering on and off., Any chance you wouldn't have a working PSU lying around you could test on it?
  2. Idejason,
    You nailed the issue - tried the paperclip on the PSU with all cables unattahced - the PSU fan would only turn a 1/10 a turn and voltage dropped off. Ultra is sending a new one at no cost! I hope that I didn't harm anything by reseting the cmos but will deal with that issue once power arrives. Thanks again for the right answer!!
  3. Could I ask? Why such a high wattage psu? is that the Modular ultra x3 1000w? or the low quality 1000w ultra,
  4. I set up the computer with 4 hard drives - 1 graphic card (thinking to add a second one) and it seems that every 3 years when upgrading additional power is needed. Perhaps overkill but built the system from an artical in extreem computers. The case also has 7 fans but I haven't overclocked and don't use them all at this time.
    PSU is the Ultra modular x3 which is very cool without all the junk (unused cables) the old psu's used to have. I hear the newer generation of graphic cards use a lot of power.
  5. It is a bit overkill with 1 rail at 70a using only 1 card doesnt consume much, specially on some older parts.. Just saying, giving you a little info. Would rather see 650w at max with what your using.
  6. I'm sure your correct, as a newbe builder I havent taken the time to anilize the power requirements for;
    1. MB
    2. CPU
    3. 2 of 3 VID cards
    4. 4 sticks of Ram
    5. 7 fans
    6. accent lights
    I also here that the psu's lose power over time. This is my second build and given the economic climent rather than building every 3 years my hope was to hold out for 6 years and use the psu and case equipment for the 2013 project.
    Is there some type of base xcell sheet that helps in calculating the power requirements needed for components as I've never gone to this detail before.
    Thanks for the input and once the psu arrives I may need more help as i'm not sure what the reset of the cmos may do. Does it go to original Bios? Hope I can boot without issues. I will be looking at all components power consumption and try to navagate to insure that they are getting the right power (first time for this). Also will try to flash the latest bios (first time).
  7. 1. Recieved the new power supply and computer boots up with only one stick of ram.
    2. Flashed the latest BIOS and have 4 sticks of ram working.
    3. Did a complete new install of Vista with all updates
    4. Never set voltage or DDR2 info before issues
    5. Computer boots up fine
    6. Computer shuts off if i open any program.

    Need help to track or resolve the issue. Is this just a bad MB or ?
    CPU Temp: 35C
    MB Temp: 38C

    Thank you in advance!
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