IBM thinkpad- Hp pml driver hpz12 error

I have a IBM ThinkPad R51 with Pentium M, 1.12 GB of RAM (that's the max) and it's running XP service pack 3.

Currently it takes almost 20 min. from the time you push the start button to the home screen (around 15 min. in safe mode). I tried selective start up and stopping different services but the one that wont stop is HP pml driver hpz12. I read different places that this driver makes older computers slow, and since I don't have an HP printer I want to delete/stop it. But since I don't have the HP driver CD (this computer came used from a person with a HP printer) it seems to make it a challenge. The only thing I read that could have worked was going into Admin tools/ component services/ local services/ and stopping that service but when I try I always get this error even when in safe mode: "unable to open service pml driver hpz12 for writing on local computer".

So is there any other way to get rid of this HP pml driver hpz12?
Please get back to me as soon as possible, I need this computer working soon! It's for a friend to use while their computer is fixed/replaced.
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    google sysinternal autoruns, or use the link
  2. ktownmike said:
    google sysinternal autoruns, or use the link

    So just download from the link and use to to find that service and end it? I will see what happens and let you know! :)
  3. So it worked to delete the HPZ12 but unfortunately it didn't make the computer start faster. I tried disabling one half of the start-up processes at a time and that didn't work either. I am now going to do the same to services under the System Config utility. Any other ideas to make the computer start up faster?

    Also the hard drive has around 70 percent free space.
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    nThe computer starts up in around 5 min. now, so I am thinking it was from what you said to do. Thanks! :D
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