I5 2500k Temp.

What is the proper temp for an i5 2500k at 4.5 Ghz? Right now im running prime 95 and its been an hour already and core temp shows.

68,71,74,70 as max temp in 100% load.

Are these temps safe? Should i still run prime 95 after an hour ?
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  1. those temps i would say are fine for that O/C. I have seen lower but then i have also seen higher. what cooler are you using and is there any scope to improve your case airflow?
  2. hm... it was running for 2 hours straight fine i came home and my computer seemed to have restarted ?

    I have Hyper 212+ and my the tower got a really nice airflow.

    btw, uhmm. i have the voltage at 1.320 i believe ? would that have cause the restart?
  3. you have an unstable overclock, more than likely. Back it off a little bit and let it run some more. those temps are really good for that much of an overclock.
  4. okay i just up my volts to 1.325 and now running prime 95. will come back after 3 hours for results.
  5. okay as off now temps are at 61 65 68 64. Are these safe?
  6. Isn't the limit 90 or 100 degrees celsius? It's higher than I would like, but is it stable? You won't be running it like that all the time. Prime95 is designed to stress the chips to find any instability. If it's under a normal load and not at those temps constantly, then you should be fine.
  7. Yes its stable right now. Havent gotten any error yet on prime 95 nor had blue screen .
  8. It's as safe as overclocking can be. If you wanted safe, you would have left everything stock, right? :lol:
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