PC no boot, beep or image, CPU fan not moving

Hi I am trying to resusitate a freebie base unit (was built for gaming) to cut corners on our new business. The base unit powers up but there is no image signal, no motion on the CPU fan, no beep. Only aspects of the unit working are the PSU fan and some power from the USB ports. Before we powered it up I took out the memory as I wanted to see what type is was re: upgrade. (not so smart) . If the memory has been installed incorrectly, or damaged can it cause this system failure or is it the motherboard>?
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  1. Follow the trouble shooting steps laid out in this guide: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-read-posting-boot-problems

    If you can't get it working from that tells us:
    1. What hardware you have
    2. When was the last time the computer worked
    3. What trouble shooting steps have you tried and what did or did not work
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