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OK on my amd box I use it daily as a workstation and to play online games (wow) well my 3800x2+ (windsor 65w) is just not cutting it when I am tri and quad logging wow while running firefox in the background with out horrible fps lag. I am using a 3870 to drive two vintage crt monitors (2x 16in at 1024x768) and up to 4 instances of wow in windowed mode (800x600). The cpu is overclocked to the most I can get it while still being stable at 2.45ghz. So what I am asking is which tri or quad core (even first generation phenoem) would be best for a $50 -$75 used cpu and currently looking at a 8250e (65w tri core) so do any of you guys and gals have any input or have a second hand cpu for sale (have paypal and eBay account) for around $50 usd.
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  1. For 50 to 75 bucks , you don't have to go USED. GO NEW! There are some great processors out there for Cheap.

    I'm guessing you have an AM2 Socket motherboard(Not AM2+ which is different) I was going to recommend an Athlon II x3 425 @ 2.7Ghz for 70bucks on newegg.com

    I wouldn't suggest you get the 8250e. This cpu is rated at 1.9Ghz which is much lower than your current setup. I know WOW uses a lot of cpu processing and isn't as demanding on the graphics. You'll probably want as much CPU speed as you can get especially since you are running multiple wow clients at once.

    Another suggestion would be to go with the Athlon II x2 240 @ 2.8Ghz going for 58.99

    These are all AM3 sockets but they are backwards compatible with AM2, AM2+ sockets.

    I hope you have at least 4 GB or a lot of ram to run all those things at once =)

    I guessing you are familiar with overclocking. You could definitely sap some more power out of these processors. And if you ever plan to upgrade your motherboard you may be able to unlock the Athlon II x3 to a Quad core.

    Make sure you have an AM2 Motherboard that can accept AM3 Processors either with a bios update or something. Hope this helps
  2. +1 for the x3 425
  3. Ok thanks for the replies and yes I got 4GB and even pulled the 4GB kit out of my main rig (Intel box) and swap ram around to make 6GB, it didn't do much to help performance. Right now on eBay the cpu is on bid for a meager $10 which is why I made this thread. My board is the infamous ga-ma790x-ds4 which I modded the chipset cooler to use bolts for mounting instead of those cheap pushpins. Looks better to.
  4. Well I went ahead and got after winning it for $46 after ship =/ but already have an old card with tv tunner and ram on bid that will off set about $30 or so of the cost. So I will let you guys and gals know when I get it.
  5. jennyh said:
    +1 for the x3 425

    Super +1.
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