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I have an old monitor with a resolution of 1152 x 864. No, I will not get rid of it I want to play CoD Black Ops 2 at max settings at this resolution. I need no less than 46 frames per second ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frame_rate [read the bottom of the first paragraph in Background ) Can you recommend me a graphics card? It would help tremendously

My Build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/hvNt
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  1. It will be hard to recomend to you a video card judging by your build list your budget is extremely low and you need to make up for the fact that your going with AMD for a cpu. It would have been easier to get your target fps with an Intel cpu , but that would not have been good for your low budget.


    This might work for you and the price might be low enough but you'll have to be the judge of that since you didn't say what the budget was for the video card. $89.99 after rebate.
  2. Don't listen to alec, he's been spamming that link in multiple topics.

    I would agree 7750 would be great.
  3. Why is there 1 stick of 8GB!???

    First of all, BO2 uses DX11 etc. etc. it didn't come out so we can't make any suggestions.
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