So I wanted to do some overclocking, got myself cooler master 212 plus, added an extra fan on the other side for maximum air flow. I am rather dissappointed at the result. Or Did I set it up wrong? I get 50 degrees when torturing under prime 95. This is about 5-6 degrees less than my stock fan which came with the phenom II x4 965. This was my first time installing a fan, could I have possible not applied the thermal paste correctly? I expected at least mid 40's at max cpu. Idle temp is 31~ degrees

What's wrong??
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  2. The thermal paste might be too thin or thickly put on, or the heatsink may not be making an ideal contact to the CPU, although your temps are fairly good right now.

    How much did you overclock?
    Did you raise your Vcore?
    How is your cable management in your case?
    What fans do you have?
    What case do you have?
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