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Hi all, I'm tearing my hair out over the effort I've put into this so far this weekend, and I'm almost at the point where I just want to turn everything back in. Sorry for the long story, but it might help isolate the problem.

I had a system I had built two years ago and I wanted to upgrade the processor and the motherboard and the ram in it. I ordered from newegg:

An I7 860
This Gigabyte Processor -
And this package of RAM -

When it arrived, I installed it in my old case, and used my old PSU:

An Antec 550W True Power Trio
and my old graphics card

The computer failed to boot. Once more, it failed to show any sign of power whatsoever. No fans would spin, nothing. I did the normal taking it out of the case, verifying all connections, disconnecting everything, reconnecting everything. Etc. The only time I ever saw any sign of life was when I accidentally plugged in the POWER LED to the Power Switch jumper on the mobo and I saw the LED on the front light up.

I took a trip to Fry's and decided that while I thought it was the motherboard, I would pick up a new PSU just in case, and a new case since I wanted a little extra room. I purchased the exact motherboard model,

and this 630w PSU -

I built almost the entirely new build in my new tower and this time when I went to turn it on I was thrilled to see that at least the fans would move for a second and one short beep would occur before the computer would turn off for a second and then do it again. I know this is a sign of power failure, so I checked all of the cables, made sure there weren't any shorts, disconnected everything.

Once I disconnected everything, the computer would actually stay on for more than a second before shutting down, and I assumed that this was because I had removed the other components, so I started putting them back in one at a time. It kept doing that until I had everything in, I plugged in the extra power to the video card, and then when I went to turn on the computer it lit up real quick once and then did nothing. Subsequent attempts to turn on the computer usually failed with no activity. If I wait a while before hitting the switch I see a short lite up and everything, but I don't think I even hear the beep.

Any suggestions? I'm planning on returning the new PSU today or tomorrow, as I can only assume that it's bad now, considering it seems to only react every now and then.
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  1. Disconnect RAM, GPU, and HDD. Reattach GPU, HDD led and speaker and boot the sistem. Then take neccesary step according to the manual.
  2. If that didn`t work check MB spacer betwen MB and case.
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    If you've already tested the mobo and case and PSU, then it can only be the CPU or RAM. It should beep at you with no RAM in it, so that narrows it instantly. Then just do returns/RMAs until it works.
  4. Ok I don't know if this will help but on your new PSU see if there is a switch anywhere on it to switch between 115v and 230v. Make sure its set to 115 if you live in the U.S., this was accidentally moved one of my older PC's and the same thing would happen (boot up, fans spin a while then shutdown)
  5. Looks like it was probably the CPU. Got a different one and the computer is installing windows 7 now. Unfortunately, when the computer is supposed to make the jump from installing the initial stuff to restarting and booting into the final section of the installation it doesn't see the OS on the hard drive, so now I have another set of problems. Thanks for the advice.
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