Coolmaster Haf 932 and Corsair H50 will it work?

I noticed the cool master haf 932 the rear fan is a 140mm while the corsair h50 is a 120mm... will it work? any one with the same setup let me know if i have to modify anything to make it work thank you.
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  1. The HAF932 has hole patterns for either 140 mm or 120 mm fans, no reason it shouldn't work.
  2. ooh alright thank you! =] i never knew that
  3. The only thing is Corsair recommend you use the H50 fan as an intake to get cool external air over the rad. I doubt the HAF932 will care about one of its exhast fans being reversed, but it may mess around with your airflow.

    You CAN have the H50's fan as an exhaust, but you're blowing warm air over the rad then, which can hamper the unit's already unimpressive performance.
  4. lol whats another good i7 930 cpu cooler that performs better than the h50?
  5. vvilliamm said:
    lol whats another good i7 930 cpu cooler that performs better than the h50?

    How far do you want to overclock the CPU?

    If you're leaving it at stock then the H50 will do fine, however there's cheaper ways of going about it.

    Coolermaster Hyper 212+ is a great one on a budget, and you can get up to about 3.6GHz I think with temps in control. Same can be said for the Scythe Mugen II, Titan Fenrir and Thermolab Baram with a good 120mm fan.

    If you want to push the sucker to over 4GHz then you're looking at the big guns - Prolimatech Megahalems or Thermalright Ultra 120-Extreme Rev C (MUST be a Rev C - it's got a boomerang-shaped hole in the bottom to tell the difference). Strap a pair of good 120mm fans in push/pull and you're away.
  6. hmm how come the corsairs fails in your opinion and unable to support higher clocks temps? im looking at around 3.6ghz with the i7 930
  7. Because it takes more than a single 120mm radiator to properly cool an overclocked Nehalem CPU - they're very hot chips. it's certainly pretty good at 3.6GHz which is what you're aiming at, but pushed higher it does start to fall over.

    That being said, a few people (can't find links sorry) have said it's more the H50's fan letting it down, not the rad - they've switched to a better, high pressure fan and it's worked a lot better.
  8. so if i changed the stock fans on the H50 and adding anohter one will it outperform the Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme-1366 RT Rev. C CPU Heatsink ?
    Also will the T.R.U.E fit a coolmaster haf 932 case?

    what are some good 120mm fans and what do you look for? ah<

    hmm from the looks of it i shouldn't even remove the thermal paste off the h50 and use my mx-2 thermal paste =/
  9. nothing short of a custom water loop will beat a Megahalems or TRUE Rev C.

    Truth be told I'm not a fan guy. Reading around says that for best results you'd be after a fan with high static pressure for heatsinks and rads, and the 120mm fans with more than 7 blades do just that.

    People have used Scythe Kama, Scythe Junai, Akasa Apache, Gentle Typhoons, Yate Loons, etc., etc. Gelid WING 120 look good.

    I guess it's a Google search and reading I'm afraid.
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