Best cpu cooler for my new build?


I'm putting together a new pc but can't deside on the cpu cooler.
A few details:
-case is a Aerocool XPredator black edition
-Asus Maximus V Formula
-I7 3770k (plan to oc it as high as the cooler will allow me)
-corsair 8gb 1866mhz

As the title says, I'm looking for the best cpu cooler to put in it.
So far I've looked at the following coolers:
-Noctua NH-D14, Thermalright Silver Arrow, both good coolers it seems, but ugly :)
-Dark Rock Pro 2, better looking then previous 2 but seems it doesn't perform as good as them, also don't know if i'll get problems fitting it due to the memory (could be to high to fit this cooler , don't know)
-Scythe Mine 2, imo best looking of these 4 but again less performance :/

Another thing is, since i'm putting a 200mm fan in the side panel, would I have enough room left to fit such a big cooler?

Any advice is welcome. if I can't have an excellent cooler which is also good looking then I'll problably take the better performing one, as long as I'll be able to fit it :).

Best regards.
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