Ssd for OS and separate for data (RAID1)

Buying new computer. Want to know fastest, best, and safest way to set up HDs. Currently at home i use OS on internal ssd and have 2 externals, one in raid 1 used for business and one 1tb used for personal.
Now on new business, what the best options?
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  1. Sounds like you have the right idea.

    SSD for OS/boot drive. Crucial M4 SSDs have been good to us.

    Put the the data on a business class NAS with RAID5/RAID6 or minimum RAID1 accessible via gigabit network.

    We use ReadyNAS mostly as good combination of price/performance/reliability, though other brands do well also.

    Keep in mind that offsite backup is a must, RAID is not backup. There are some reviews/articles on business online backup at
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