Should I go for 5+Ghz? (INTEL)

Hi everyone,

It appears that I have won the silicon lottery! I'm stable at 4.9Ghz at 1.31V under load it goes up to 1.345V with temps at 59~65. So do you think I should push my CPU farther?
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  1. Stable after Prime95?
  2. Which proc are you using? That's a very nice overclock!
  3. yes,u should but be careful with the voltage and have hit the jackpot my man
  4. oh nvm i see now, it's a 2700k. What's the max voltage on those procs? so long as you don't surpass the max voltage it should be okay to go further so long is it's prime stable and not getting too hot
  5. I believe the max voltage is 1.35 volts. There is a small margin after that. I say shoot for 5+ GHz if you have the balls and the proper cooling.
  6. Ah sorry guys, I didn't have apply signature checked, below are my specs :)
  7. Have you run any stress tests like Prime95 or just games? It isnt stable til its stressed. Just booting to Windows doesnt mean much. You havent said whether youve run it, and didnt answer my earlier response, so im guessing you havent. Give it a shot.
  8. I'm stable after 1 hour of Linx and P95 small FFT
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    Then you may be a very lucky guy :) Grats. Dont blow it up.
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