Should I overclock?

Okay so I'm thinking about overclocking my system for smoother gaming and such but I'm not sure if I should.
System Specs:
Evga GTX 670
6gb Ram
3.3 Mhz AMD Phenom X6 1100T
This motherboard that came with my system originally (think I need to upgrade)

The problem is that when I'm not recording in Guild Wars 2 I get frames of 40+ at max settings but when I start to record this drops to between 10 and 20 I think this is odd, one reason for this has to be the fact that I'm recording onto my C drive and not a seperate one cause I just dont have the money for one right now :( I think this is the primary problem but I'm not sure.
If anyone can offer any insight that'd be awesome :D
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  1. Is the video or the game at 10-20? 670 should be able to handle GW2 just fine. The recording I believe is done by the cpu.
  2. well both the game and the capture software (dxtory) tells me that Im getting frames of 20-25 fps once I hit the capture button but for some reason im expecting more? should I be ? and yes you are correct that the cpu does the recording but I was under the impression that the one I have is semi decent ? thanks for the reply :)
  3. I don't think you need new motherboard. I think you have a CPU bottleneck. The CPU you have is is good until you throw 2 CPU intensive things on it at once. This is because each core only has one thread.
  4. Ah I see... Anything I can do to resolve this? Thanks for the reply :)
  5. I think pretty much the only way is to get new mobo + CPU since am3 doesn't support the a6 or the a8. I recommend a higher end i5 if you just play video games on it. You will still see a performance hit but the game should still be at least 30fps. The video only needs to be at least around 28 fps. If you do other things like autocad or CPU intensive things or simply doubt the performance of an i5 while gaming and recording, get an i7. I have an i5 @4.2GHz and let me tell you this. It can record bf3 64 player caspian border at ~25 fps which is NOT laggy, contrary to popular belief. Since the human eye can only see around 20 fps, I think an i5 will be enough. Or if you want to save money, go AMD, get a socket am3+ a8 processor and a decent mobo. Bear in mind that AMD processors with the bulldozer architecture, you get less performance per MHz.
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