New PC and new to OC ... help please

I just recently bought this pc ...

I'm trying to OC the graphics card and I'm running into a couple of problems, running Heaven DX11 benchmark everything is stable with the card at +110 core clock (boost 1208MHz) and +725 memory clock (1865MHz) ... score in Heaven is 1303, if that matters.

However, when I'm playing GW2 there are certain parts of the game that I start getting insane amounts of artifacts and then my GPU will reset back to factory default settings (core boost 1098 MHz and memory 1502 MHz) ... I've lowered my OC to core +100 (boost 1200MHz) and memory +700 (1852MHz) and it seems to be fine now.

My question is, why am I completely stable in Heaven but crashing in games? Is that normal? And how does that OC look? to high, to low for that card?
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  1. when overclocking you will run into a variety of gpus that some will overclock well and some won't so each one is different and you can't tell untill you attempt to overclock.When running into probelms and the card resets it's basicly telling you that it was too high and needed to be lowered. Games will put a different kind of stress onto a video card where standard stress test will put a steady 100% stress and while that's going to stress the card a good amount the games will put stress in random amounts and go from no action to extreme action in seconds so it's different.
    I think the by lowering your overclock you should stay with that and going higher will not be worth the effort because it won't give you much of an increase.
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