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Hy guys. Please, I need help with this, I'm building desktop; Intel Proccs socket 775 Q9650, MBoard Intel DP45SG. I bought RAM DDR3 corsair XMS3 1333, but It didn't work, I just think This MB doesn't support this memory. I had to return this MB, but I can't return the RAM. I would like to know what MB S 775 has compatibility with this RAM. Thanks for your help....
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Any socket 775 DDR3 motherboard should support it, what's your budget ? also do you need SLI/Crossfire ?
  2. Hello Josagm7508,

    Please go through the link below:
    - Intel® Desktop Board DP45SG System memory for DP45SG

  3. Thanks guys for you help! That's what I thought but after many trials It didn't work. Press power on, then 3 times long bit, and no way. The technician at Compusa told me that it was problem of incompatibility. My budget is no more than 150 dls, that's why I shose DP45SG. Although I still think it's a good MB. Now after many hours of review in internet I'm thinking in XFX MBN790IUL9, But it's over my budget and they don't specify compatibility with corsair XMS3 1333.
    Thanks Josagm...
  4. Oh I almost forget it..I need crossfire. I've got XFX Radeon HD 5770....
  5. Did you checked the link i have provided? That says about the compatible memory for your mobo.
  6. josagm7508 said:
    Oh I almost forget it..I need crossfire. I've got XFX Radeon HD 5770....

    GIGABYTE GA-EP45T-USB3P would be a great choice
  7. OK I got it. After detailed review of Intel wsite I go with Intel DX48BT2, x48 shipset. It,s out of my budget but I will wait. Thanks for your help.
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