DirectX 10 Games fail to launch/load

Well i've had my HD3850 for quite a while now and ive been going off and on with Vista or 7 yet i cant seem to get the DX10 to work. The game comes up with a black screen then it pop-ups with an error saying it stopped responding and needed to close. For the longest time it wouldnt even go through the system rating because of the DX10 crashing, but it went through one time yet none of the games run. I just wish i can enjoy all of the features the card can do. Also i'm having some Aero problems with both OS's in which i do certain things like have Windows Media Player in the "skinny mode" it crashes the DWM process and i have to manually go restart it to get the aero back. Also the text at the title bar gets all jumbled up or looks like a bunch of random black blocks. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.
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  1. i think that your card is faulty. try running your card on another pc with vista/seven OS
  2. I wish i could but all my friends don't have the old AGP slot anymore and im suspecting its because of the old mobo (ASUS P4S800) but ill be getting a new mobo with an agp slot with a good C2D cpu to pair with it and ill test it then. But thanks for trying.
  3. if you plan to upgrade into new mobo and processor you better pick up mobo with PCI-E. of course you will have to cover the cost of new GPU as well but as least it will be easier for you to upgrade your GPU later in the future.
  4. Well i havent had the card very long and im not a very hardcore gamer so what ill be getting will be good enough for what i use id just like to get the bugs sorted out but im suspecting the mobo's chipsets arent liking Vista or 7
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